The “In 30 Hours” Project

“You will never find time for anything. If you want time, you must make it.”  Charles Buxton

The trouble is you think you have time.” Buddha

Be in love with your life. Every minute of it.” Jack Kerouac

While I was at University, I juggled a number of clubs, hobbies and social events, and still managed to come out with a First in my degree – many friends were in disbelief as to how I did it all. I was pretty busy (which I loved). But, this post may be the grand reveal! I didn’t spend a lot of time, if any, watching TV.

So, what is this “In 30 hours” all about? Well, us Britons, we watch on average 30 hours of TV weekly. Every. Single. Week. I’ve got nothing against TV at all, and fair enough, it can be a worthwhile and great way to relax, but I’m confident that in many cases, 30 hours is excessive and there are better ways we could spend our time, than mindlessly sitting down for hours on end, watching a box. Otherwise, at our current rate, by the time we’re 75, we’ll have watched a staggering 13 years of TV – pretty crazy huh?

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While I’m at home from my travels (however long that may be), I’m going to be seeing what else we could be doing with our time. Each week, I’m going to pick a new skill to learn and substitute it for the amount of time the average person watches TV. We’ll see how far I progress in 30 hours, and how it compares to a week of TV-watching. I’ll post updates, and at the end of the week, will display how I got on!

The first skill I’m going to learn is, drum roll please:



I’ve had a unicycle living in our shed for quite a few years, which has remained relatively untouched except for little more than about 10 minutes of frustration that I still haven’t magically developed the ability to use it over the past year. It’s now out of my shed and, although somewhat dusty, still seems to work!

Now, I can’t unicycle at all. Hopefully that will change over the next week or, let’s face it, I’ll look pretty silly! Hopefully I’ll also come back happier, having had more fun and learnt a new skill, and not just bruised, battered and grazed, still incompetent on one wheel, wishing I’d just watched TV!

See you in a week!

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