So it begins!

So, I’m Josiah, 19 years old, soon to be 20. Very soon in fact. In fact, as I’m writing this I have crossed over into my last day as a teenager. It is this situation that compels me to write my first blog entry – I’m not entirely sure why but it just feels natural. Perhaps it is the desire to document  my future adventures and experiences? While I can remember much of the past, from the excitement of turning eleven, to getting my first job as a paperboy (although I always I was a “distributor of written media”), to finishing school and backpacking across the Lake District, to the eye-opening experience of Canada, to the excitement of going to University, and lots in between, alas, much is forgotten. Perhaps it is the desire to keep friends and family up to date? Perhaps it is a quarter-life crisis as I have joked about several times? Perhaps it is for the simple experience of writing a blog? For whatever reason, you’re here, I’m here, let’s commence! Enjoy!

As mentioned, I’m 19 years old, studying Law and Criminology in Wales, big into trying new experiences, living life to the fullest and having fun.

Looking to the next decade is interesting but full of the uncertainties of life. I hope that in 2023 a 29 year old (soon to be 30) me will look back on this post and view it as the starting point of an exciting and meaningful decade, both 10 years older, but also, 10 years more experienced (wiser, happier and so on) with a wealth of memories, most importantly having been happy, and brought happiness. 

So, to wrap up this brief entry, I’ll let you get on, I’ll go to sleep, and I’ll write another blog post at some point in the future.




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