Ski seasons pay well!

“Wait what?! A ski season pays well? I heard the complete opposite!”

Okay, let me explain!

On a season, it’s very common to hear people begrudging their wage, and even, as I encountered, questioning whether it was possible to live on their pay; in a job where all your accommodation and food costs are catered for, the simple answer is… yes. Your money is basically disposable income (read: beer money). I’ve even managed to save virtually all my money in preparation for the cycle, much to the astonishment of everyone else!

Contrary to what this title suggests, a ski season does not pay well. If you’re viewing it simply as a money-making venture, don’t bother – there are far simpler ways to raise funds.  Instead, you will be paid richly in experiences you won’t forget in a hurry. I think people often fail to notice the full package. I get paid everyday; everyday, I wake up to a stunning view from my window, the early morning sun glinting off the top of the Grand Motte glacier, a perfect silent tranquillity in the resort before the lifts open for the day. As a smile escapes from my face, I can’t help but wonder how I got to be so lucky to get to live here for 5 months.

Everyday I wake up, and realise I can head up into the mountains. My excitement as I clip into my skis has not waned, neither has my piqued anticipation as I near the top of the chairlift, and prepare to ski back down. Regardless of weather, whether it’s a sunny, powder day, or a -20°C, 100mph winds, zero visibility day, I’ve skied the past 110 days, keen to take advantage of this opportunity (free transport. lift pass, accommodation, food, ski rental… basically everything you need), which, if I wasn’t working, would be very expensive! I absolutely love every moment I’m not working and escape to the freedom of the mountains!

Exchanging that 9-5 office cubicle for getting lost in the off-piste!
Exchanging that 9-5 office cubicle life for getting lost in the off-piste!

What I suppose I’m trying to demonstrate is that money is not the be-all and end-all. Thousands of people emigrate from a cold, wet, grey winter in the United Kingdom, pursuing an opportunity, living abroad somewhere truly special, with what is likely to be some cool people, and getting to ski everyday! In my mind, that is a job which offers a reward more valuable than 5 months wages, and whatever that could buy, even more so once you’ve deducted food and accommodation costs! Where I’ve prioritised an exciting experience above money before, such as Camp America, and working on a horse ranch, I’ve never regretted it!

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  2. Awesome. I wanna do this so bad.

    1. Yes! I would recommend it! You can begin to start applying within the next month or too!
      I enjoyed checking out your blog by the way!

      1. Already started in some places! And thanks for coming by!

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