Hiking in Slovenia – In photos!

Lake Bled hiking adventure

If you missed my last special video post on reaching Slovenia, and my Dad and Brother, be sure to watch it here for an epic tale of bad organisation, success against all odds and a few man tears!


I'm afraid I ran out of time to write much about my week hiking in Slovenia. Hopefully the following photos will give a little taste of what a great week it was, with really great people (including my Dad and brother I suppose 😉 ), in a really great country. ... Great!

Cycling away... the adventure continues!
Cycling away... the adventure continues!

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5 Replies to “Hiking in Slovenia – In photos!”

  1. […] to cycle across Europe. I did it fairly slowly and cheaply, stopping in different countries to hike in Slovenia, or work on a farm in Austria. There is no set way; people have even cycled on penny […]

  2. Gill Holden says: Reply

    I expect saying goodbye once again to your family was hard but tinged with the excitement of continuing your journey. Congratulations on reaching your first target and I wish you well and hope you reach your second target wherever that may be. Continue to keep us updated however brief as loving the journey.

    1. it was very hard! Thankfully I bumped into some great people!

  3. Sally Spence says: Reply

    Well done on the first part of your epic journey!! Am loving the blogs and the video was great – you are doing great!

    Looking forward to the next update!

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comments!
      Everyone’s support really spurs me on. It is great every time I get wifi!

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