Goodbye England, Oh Hi there France!

On the train to London

It was there again. That familiar feeling. I’m off, off for 5 months, and I don’t know a single person I will be meeting in that time. It’s a nervous feeling, forced to embrace the unknown, with no idea what to expect or how things will pan out. Some people hate the feeling of having no idea what they’re letting themselves in for and, I must add that that is understandable! But, for some reason I love it! Maybe it’s my optimism shining through, but in that not knowing, behind the intimidating façade lies so much promise and expectation, an exhilarating sense that anything can and will happen!

For the first time since returning from my last adventure in America a little over 2 months ago, the adventurous whispers in my head are silent. They have finally been appeased again, satisfied to be off again. This is it. The next adventure has begun.

On the coach, approaching the Alps

At first, the mountains were only in the distance, bleak silhouettes barely distinguishable on the horizon, but, importantly, we were heading straight for them. Soon we were amongst them, craggy mountain peaks completely surrounding our coach which slowly climbed, winding up the valley. The whole journey had seemed dream-like – after so long waiting to be heading out to Tignes, it was difficult to believe it was finally happening. It wasn’t until the first signpost for Tignes and Val D’isere, that it actually seemed real.

After hours of climbing, the road suddenly flattened out, and I immediately realised we had arrived. The panorama which suddenly confronted me was a view I had seen a hundred times before. Having fixated on this snowy mecca through the online webcams the past month, finally seeing it for real gave a strong sense of accomplishment. I remember all the times I had seen someone on the webcam, I had often felt a pang of jealousy. And here I was. I had made it! Maybe someone could see me on their computer screen hundreds of miles away! As if on cue, and seemingly out of nowhere a flurry of snow greeted us, refreshingly biting at our face after too long cooped up inside a coach! Long may the snow continue, so the resort can open soon!

So yeah, first update from Tignes – all is great. I’m off to sample some of the bars!

4 Replies to “Goodbye England, Oh Hi there France!”

  1. I’m going with 8 other friends to ski in Tignes, France this Christmas too x
    Can’t wait for your updates!! 😀

    Last April we went to St. Anton, Austria
    I did a blogpost on that too!
    Hope you’ll enjoy it 😀
    Anna x

    1. Hey! I checked out your blog – looks like you had an amazing time! Bet you can’t wait to head out again – Where/when are you staying?

      Yeah, keep up to date with the blog! We are forecasted a big (much-needed) snow dump later today which I am so psyched for!

      See you out here! x

      1. I can’t rmb which chalet we’re staying at, but we’re going to Tignes on 13/12 until 20/12 😀 I SIMPLY CAN’T WAIT!

        It’s gonna be my first time snowboarding in winter so I’m just really really really excited about it!

        Have fun and enjoy your trip!
        Anna x

        1. Sweet! You’ll have a sick trip I’m sure – hope they’ll be a blog post about it!

          see you on the slopes/bars in 13 short days then!

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