Cycling around the world – ?

Currently in: Bangkok, Thailand!

Finishing University, the traditional path of immediately settling into a job just didn't ... excite me. One day, probably avoiding studying, I stumbled onto an article about someone who had cycled around the world. What?! It was actually possible to do that?

A seed was sewn, a dream born - that same day I promised myself; I was going to cycle around the world.

I eagerly rushed to tell my flatmates, assuming they would share my newfound enthusiasm and passion. Instead, they told me I was crazy, told me it would never happen, that it was 'other' people who did that. Sure, I knew it was a challenge... but by then it was too late; Pandora's box was opened, something inside me awoken, and my life's direction forever changed.

I was driven by experiences. I wanted to see the world. I wanted to meet people. I craved different foods, different cultures, seeing things I had never imagined. I was certain this would lead to stories, and memories, and happiness. It seemed like the most sensible decision in the world.

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  1. It was wonderful meeting you Jo!! Hope once again you will visit India along with your friends!! Here is lot to show you.. All d best for your next journey.. Keep updating Us!!!!

    1. Thanks for following along buddy!
      India is certainly a country I’ll be coming back to!

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