Cycling Across Europe – The Video

Cycling Around the World

In just one week I'm off to continue my adventure cycling around the world! I've worked hard to get this video out before I left, which gives a quick (1 minute 42) look at the trip so far! I hope you like it!


I would be massively grateful if you shared the video with anyone you think might be interested!


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2 Replies to “Cycling Across Europe – The Video”

  1. Loved the video, thank you for sharing and look forward to hearing about more of your adventures on the 2nd leg of your journey to Australia. Wishing you and your companion Sus all the very best.

  2. Sylvia youngs says: Reply

    Very well done. Jo God go with you on the next stage so looking forward to more posts loved seeing this video
    Lots of. Love. Grandma. Granddad Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and a big big HUG

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