Bonus Video Post – Crossing the Austrian Alps!

After enjoying two weeks in North Austria on a sustainable farm, and spending a relaxing two days exploring Salzburg while couch-surfing (with two naturists - that's another incredible story!), I was feeling fairly confident about making Slovenia in 4 days and meeting my Dad on time for a week's hiking.

While speaking to Mum, it turned out I'd made a horrible mistake and got my dates wrong. I had just two days. An impossible challenge lay and a huge adventure lay ahead.

I had half of Austria and all the Alps to cross. The video shows some of this journey!

So, the first leg is complete, but the adventure continues, as we head onwards! The end of Europe approaches..!



This video takes a lot of time to make and more importantly, I feel like a complete prat talking to the camera! Please let me know if you enjoyed it and would like to see more!

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10 Replies to “Bonus Video Post – Crossing the Austrian Alps!”

  1. Haha technology is not that great when trying to leave a comment. Now you have 2 as I didn’t think the 1st got posted.

  2. Wow, I have enjoyed reading your blogs but the video post made me feel like I was there with you. (But there’s no way I would of made it on the flat let alone over those mountains). You have done so well and it has been great to watch your journey. Enjoy the time with your Dad and brother in Slovenia. Isn’t technology a wonderful thing when you can share your journey with us all back in Herne Bay. Thank you Jo

    1. That’s great to hear! I hoped the videos would be a more personal touch, and keep the adventure fresh. It is crazy to think of people watching this in Herne Bay – amazing thought!

  3. I’m a friend of Sylvia ( your Grandma) and follow your blog so I know what she is talking about. I’m really enjoying sharing your travels, and understand why she is so proud of you.
    You have a good style of communication, and could be a journalist? I’m amazed that you have all the fancy gear for filming etc…a very honest and fun presentation…well done. Sheila Ch

    1. Hello Sheila – Welcome, and Thanks for your comment!
      I’m glad you’re enjoying being a part of the adventure – I’m really loving sharing it with everyone. I have two cameras and a few other bits which does add to the weight but is worth it for capturing these memories!

  4. Oh wow I have enjoyed reading your blog but the video post was fantastic, really felt like I was there with you egging you on. Isn’t technology a wonderful thing that you can share all of this adventure and experiences with us. Thank you so much and enjoy your time with your Dad and Brother in Slovenia.

  5. What a journey since leaving Herne Bay we have found your video so exciting, the scenery looks fantastic so do you. Have a good holiday with Dad and Dan, and take care. Looking forward to the next blog.
    Love Gma and Gdadxx

    1. What an amazing journey indeed! It’s completely into the unknown today – the countries are beginning to feel very different. Exciting, but scary!
      Had a great week with Dad and Dan, but could definitely do with a while longer. Not looking forward to Goodbye’s in a few hours time!

  6. Sylvia. Youngs says: Reply

    Dear Jo it was so good to see your video and posts what an amazing journey you are on We both sat here with beating hearts watching you pedal over the mountain Do enjoy your time with your. Dad /. Dan And when you continue keep calm and pedal on. The. Map is looking really good so please keep telling us a town that we can pinpoint take care And keep those videos and posts and tweets coming And remember when your feeling lonely we send you a big hug
    God. Bless. Love you lots. G/Ma. G/.Pa xxxxx

    1. That is just the nicest comment to wake up and read! Thank You!
      So glad it managed to have that effect, and you could really feel the emotion and challenges through the screen! Really enjoying a nice week with family!
      From here I’m heading down through Croatia, Bosnia Serbia, Bulgaria and into Turkey over the next 3 weeks – will include towns as and when I know! x

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