Where is the flipping snow at?!

See those avalanche defences?I feel much safer they're there right now, what with all snow!
See those avalanche defences?I feel much safer they’re there right now, what with all snow!

Yesterday was the 29th of November, a day which should have been the opening day of the season, transforming Tignes into a bustling town, high in the snowy mountains, packed with open slopes enjoyed by many by day and equally busy bars by night.

That day will come, and hopefully, fingers crossed, it’s maybe, possibly, potentially right around the corner. But, the skies are, as of yet to unleash their load of snow and paint Tignes white. Combined with temperatures in the positive, trickles of rivers and waterfalls, which mark the frustrating snow melt, now cascade down the mountains, where one day soon it will be skiers and snowboarders cascading down.

I’m working as a kitchen porter while I’m out here for the next 5 months, one of the jobs which offers some of the best slope time, but the incentive to work hard to finish your shift and hit the slopes is lessened when… well, you can’t hit the slopes! I didn’t start work until 3 today, which will normally offer virtually a full day’s skiing – instead, today I hiked up one of the nearby mountains, keen to be reassured that there is some snow here!

Stationary chairlifts...
Stationary chairlifts…

For the record, I don’t mean to portray the start to the season in a negative light at all. I’m having a great laugh with the other 40+ guys and gals working in the same hotel for the season, Tignes is beautiful (even lacking snow), we’ve been to the bars both nights since I arrived, which have been two pretty epic nights, and I’m enjoying my job as part of a busy kitchen (although the smells of good food is near torturous). Thankfully however, there is snow forecast later today for up to 24 hours which will help open some of the slopes. Maybe a sacrifice to the snow gods in the hope of being rewarded with some powder won’t be necessary after all!

I long for the day the snow is high enough to ski through these gates!
I long for the day the snow is high enough to ski through these gates!

4 Replies to “Where is the flipping snow at?!”

  1. Hope the snow has is with you now Jo . Really ,it should be by now the second of december

    1. Ah, I’m afraid not. we’ve had two super sunny days! It’ll be a while before I’m on skis I think!
      One of the guys here said this is the latest in 6 years. Holding out for big snow tomorrow!

  2. Aww! So sad to hear that its not snowing yet!
    Hopefully the snow will arrive tmr! fingers crossed!

    1. It snowed a little today – You can see it creeping down the mountain!

      Holding out for the weather forecast to be right and we’ll see a big dump on Thursday!

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