The Value of my Debts

While it would be pretty nice not to have 3 years of student debt accumulated, it came in pretty useful recently. Here’s how!

I’ve tried to keep myself as free as possible after University, to allow a choice as to what I do next. This has worked pretty well. Nearly too well in fact.

You see, one of these choices has been to work at Long Point Camp again in the US over summer. However, for my visa, I needed to demonstrate proof of return – what was it that was going to show that I was actually going to come back to the UK before my visa expired? Where did my commitments lie?

Suggestions were a job to return back to, a contract for a house, continuing education, and so on. I met none of these. If you flick to September, the calendar is blank. That’s where my student loans come in in this tale. Out of the suggestions, this was the only evidence I could provide, showing that I’ll be returning. Returning to pay off my student loan.


So that’s how debts can have a positive value, permitting travel to distant lands. I could grow to like them!

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