The hurdles in the way

In my last post I explained that in Spring 2015, I will be heading for Australia by bike. The thought of doing this is really pretty terrifying, but also incredibly exciting. When faced with a big challenge, I find it best to list everything stopping you achieving that, and then work on overcoming those ‘micro-challenges’. This post will list these, and begin a series of posts which will work towards overcoming these.

It’s important to note – this list will probably grow and develop over time, as I realise more hurdles that stand in the way. The more I read and solve issues, the more I discover, and the more of a crazy idea it seems.

So, what is stopping, or holding me back from cycling to Australia and having some absolutely incredible experiences?

  • Money;
  • Fitness;
  • A bike and other equipment or gear.
  • A route (and visas).
  • Fear of
    – ‘Nasty’ People.
    – ‘Nasty’ Animals.
    – Loneliness – Missing friends and Family.
    – Wild Camping.
    – Health on the road.
    – Being unconventional.
    – Knowledge/No Experience
    – The unknown – general danger/getting into difficulty/that general apprehension you just can’t put a finger on.

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