Crossing the Caspian – The Journey

  Susanna and I reached the port just after 5, both anxious we were cutting it a bit tight, with the ferries scheduled departure at 5/6. We shouldn’t have worried; in the end the boat didn’t leave until well after midnight. We had no idea what conditions on the boat would be like, where we […]

The Caspian Crossing – Finding the Golden Ticket!

  Crossing the Caspian Sea by Ferry Arriving in Baku, Azerbaijan by bike Azerbaijan’s capital city, Baku was an exciting milestone for me and my adventure bike touring around the world. I had reached the Caspian Sea and could go no further. I had wanted to go south, through Iran but visa requirements denied me […]

Cycling Across Europe – The Video

Cycling Around the World In just one week I’m off to continue my adventure cycling around the world! I’ve worked hard to get this video out before I left, which gives a quick (1 minute 42) look at the trip so far! I hope you like it!   I would be massively grateful if you shared […]

A BIG Surprise!

Cycling away from home on bike touring adventure with friends

Just two weeks today and I fly back to Tbilisi, pick up my bike, and begin cycling around the world again. But, I’ve got a little (big) surprise… I’m not going alone!   I am going to be joined indefinitely by my adventurous university friend, ‘Big Sus’, who has the requisite adventurous attitude, level of […]

Statistics from my Bike Touring Adventure

I was interested (and thought you might be too) to see some statistics from the first part of my journey cycling around the world; the bike touring adventure from England to Georgia. Days on the Road: 146 days (4 months and 23 days).Days cycling: 101.Days resting: 45.Distance cycled: 5,155 miles (8,297 kilometres).Longest Day: 118 miles (190 kilometres). Turkey – No, […]

What happens after travelling? Challenges coming home.

Plane taking off to come home after travelling

  Coming home after travelling As I sat on the plane a map caught my eye; England was just falling off the edge, hardly visible, but in the centre, a flashing dot marked my current position. It had taken me 5 months to cycle here, but in 8 hours I would be back where I […]

Difficult bike touring in Georgia and Turkey.

Climbing a mountain in East Turkey enjoying a beautiful view.

Difficult Bike Touring Arriving in Tbilisi, where my adventure pauses for winter, the only emotion I felt was relief. Relief simply that I had survived the past two weeks. The past two weeks were by far the toughest of the trip, challenging my resilience and mental strength from the moment I woke up until I […]

Cycling South-West Turkey – Highs and Lows

Cycling South-West Turkey coast.

Cycling South-West Turkey There are many touristy towns dotted along the coast in south-west Turkey (I can understand why – It’s beautiful), but the initial familiarity, excitement and novelty of being in such places (which I spoke about in Part 1) slowly wore off. I found them rather more unfriendly, and different to the rest of Turkey. […]

Cycling South-West Turkey – Beside the sea!

Cycling South West Turkey

Cycling South-West Turkey The importance of flexibility was demonstrated after talking to a handful of Turkish people; I was unanimously told to drop my plans through the centre and cycle South-West Turkey besides the sea. So I did – turning my wheels south, and heading for the coast.   My voyage began in Izmir, Turkey’s […]

2 tales from Kosovo to restore your faith in humanity – Part 2

2 tales from Kosovo to restore your faith in humanity

Don’t miss out on the first tale from Kosovo to restore your faith in humanity!   Saved from the dogs!   I was insufficiently exhausted to not worry about the many people who could see me, and my barely suitable camp spot, but too exhausted to find somewhere better. As in part 1, I was […]