Across Myanmar in 24 (mostly illegal) sleeps!

Illegal wild camp in Myanmar. MSR Tent in a quarry at sunrise.

What I did in Myanmar… it was crazy. You may say stupid, and perhaps you’d be right. Foreigners must stay in a hotel every night, and it must be specially licenced to accept foreigners, i.e. very expensive. That is the law. But I didn’t want to stay in expensive hotels; On my cheap budget it […]

It’s time for the Pamirs!

When I was in Bosnia last year, anticipating having to battle through Central Asia in winter, thereby taking the lowland routes, and missing out on the mountain routes made impassable by snow and cold, I had a chance encounter with two Germans cycling back from Singapore. They shared their stories and showed me pictures of Tajikistan’s Pamir […]

Uzbekistan Money: Huge Wads of Cash and the Illegal Black Market

Have you ever seen the zombie films where zombies are coming from all directions, an unstoppable wave all relentlessly descending on one hapless victim, who quickly finds themselves completely surrounded? Entering Uzbekistan was exactly like that. I had only just cycled through the sturdy gates from Kazakhstan when a rotund women trundled purposefully over in […]

Cycling Western Kazakhstan: Headwinds, Heat and Camels!

I have left the Caspian and won’t see the sea again until Thailand next year. I am now nearing the end of my time cycling in Western Kazakhstan, just 100km from Uzbekistan, my next country. I’d told myself Kazakhstan would be easy, just 550km of nothing. But I’d massively underestimated how hard nothing can be. […]

Cycling Across Europe – The Video

Cycling Around the World In just one week I’m off to continue my adventure cycling around the world! I’ve worked hard to get this video out before I left, which gives a quick (1 minute 42) look at the trip so far! I hope you like it!   I would be massively grateful if you shared […]

A BIG Surprise!

Cycling away from home on bike touring adventure with friends

Just two weeks today and I fly back to Tbilisi, pick up my bike, and begin cycling around the world again. But, I’ve got a little (big) surprise… I’m not going alone!   I am going to be joined indefinitely by my adventurous university friend, ‘Big Sus’, who has the requisite adventurous attitude, level of […]

Cycling South-West Turkey – Highs and Lows

Cycling South-West Turkey coast.

Cycling South-West Turkey There are many touristy towns dotted along the coast in south-west Turkey (I can understand why – It’s beautiful), but the initial familiarity, excitement and novelty of being in such places (which I spoke about in Part 1) slowly wore off. I found them rather more unfriendly, and different to the rest of Turkey. […]

The eternal fires of Chimaera

The eternal fires of Chimaera

The eternal fires of Chimaera Close to the town of Olympos, I ditched my bike, hiding it and all my belongings under a tree just off the road, and headed off to climb the unique Mount Chimaera. Drawn to weird and wonderful environments such as Western Turkey’s Pamukkale, I knew I had to visit the […]