A letter to those going to Long Point Camp

Apologies if you’re coming to hear about my cycling trip around the world – I desperately tried to get it uploaded but the wifi was too slow to upload new pictures. It’ll be up asap! This one-off post is about one of my other adventures; Camp America. Hey there, On June 21st, you will be […]

Not returning to Camp in 2015 (probably)

I don’t mean to be melodramatic when I say that the decision whether or not to go back to Long Point Camp in 2015 has been one of the most difficult dilemmas I’ve faced. I can quite easily say that the 5 months I’ve spent in America over the past year and a half have […]

Travel Tale: The time we ran the bases!

      Arriving in America, the home of baseball for the first time last year, seeing a baseball game was high on the ‘to do’ list. 8 others apparently agreed, and we went to see the mighty Syracuse Chiefs. Being British, and not understanding the intricacies of what is, essentially glorified rounders, we celebrated […]

Farewell: A warning

I hope my posts have shown camp to be an incredible (and hugely recommended) experience, however, there is one important disclosure I feel obliged to make:   No matter how much you don’t want it to, summer will end. The end of summer means you will have to say Good Bye to many very close […]


Skydiving… Pretty high up nearly everyone’s bucket list eh? Well, mine included, for quite a while! It’s something I’ve long wanted to do, but always thought I’d just do another day. Well, today was that ‘another day’ – I organised a group of people from camp who were keen to jump out of a perfectly […]

Camp 2014!!

So I got back in from an afternoon’s kayaking to discover that I had been accepted to work at camp again this summer. I’d made the decision to reapply, and even been asked by Long Point Camp to do so, so it came as no surprise. While I wasn’t speechless, or find myself jumping around […]