Miracle in North India

There’s a theory called the six degrees of separation. If you took all your friends and acquaintances, and then all their friends and acquaintances, and then all their friends and acquaintances, and so on six times, you would know everyone in the whole world. That’s how tiny and connected our world is! Amazing huh? Well, […]

The Caspian Crossing – Finding the Golden Ticket!

  Crossing the Caspian Sea by Ferry Arriving in Baku, Azerbaijan by bike Azerbaijan’s capital city, Baku was an exciting milestone for me and my adventure bike touring around the world. I had reached the Caspian Sea and could go no further. I had wanted to go south, through Iran but visa requirements denied me […]

Cycling across Asia – The Plan

Touring bike in front of mountains.

I’m glad I came home before the full force of winter really hit! It was a difficult decision to come home over winter. I tossed and turned in my tent at night for months and I wrestled over it during long days in the saddle. Even at home I have struggled with the feeling of […]

A very short bike ride.

“Freedom is riding a bicycle” The last time I had been on a bike I was making the final pedal strokes into Tbilisi, Georgia, weary after a 5,155 mile journey across Europe. I’ve been home for six weeks since, and haven’t so much as glanced at bike. Yesterday, I decided to ride home from work. […]

What electronics will I be taking?

We love technology don’t we? Can’t get enough of it! It promises to make our lives easier in virtually every aspect, right? Well, that’s probably because most of us don’t need to carry it (and a different charger for every gadget) every mile we travel, and we don’t need to work out how the heck […]