Superhuman Danger Awareness: Achieved

I know there’s some other people on here who have done or who are doing a ski season so hopefully they’ll back me up here.

Getting injured is usually a pretty daunting prospect, and something to be avoided, but, as the leaving day for a ski season swiftly approaches it seems to take on universal importance, becoming an all-consuming fear!

I tend to be pretty risk-taking, and willing to see how far I can push myself, sometimes without too much foresight about the future, but with only 7 days until I leave for a ski season, all my senses appear suddenly heightened, alert and wary of any potential ‘season-wrecking’ danger. It feels like a superpower; automatically seeing the danger and risks in everything, and then avoiding them. Some people would probably argue this is a good thing and makes a nice change.

When I say any danger, I do literally mean any and every danger!

Take something even as mundane as washing up this morning for example; despite my best efforts, my wet, soapy hands sabotaged my grip, and the heavy, metal saucepan I was carrying slipped through my fingers (looks like I need more practice before I go and wash dishes in a resort for 5 months but that’s another matter!) It was at this point, in the fraction of a second the pot fell, seemingly out of nowhere ninja-like instincts kicked in and prevented my foot from softening the impact! Trouble averted, I breathed a sigh of relief, happy in the knowledge that it is only in a parallel universe somewhere distant, in which I am hobbling about with a broken foot, dreaming about the what could have been for the ‘almost ski season’.

Of course it’s a ridiculous example! I know it’s ridiculous – That’s the exact reason I’m sharing it, but it does demonstrate the simple fact; if you decide to do a ski season, avoiding injury will be an ever-present thought! Who knows what it will be like when I’m actually out there skiing?

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  1. Washing up! No concern about me injuring myself when I read that!

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