Summer 2013

Amazingly, I have not yet written a blog post about what I did this summer! This summer, I spent 10 weeks working at a Summer Camp in upstate New York and then travelling after. This was quite simply an incredible period of time! Going into the summer, I saw it as a cheap way to get a little bit of travel in. It was certainly a fantastic way to travel! In fact, the worst thing was that I now talk about it too much – ask my flatmates about that!

This really was an opportunity to see some beautiful parts of the USA (somewhere I had never been before) and experience some of its culture, meet some of the most amazing, like-minded people, I can now call friends, try a range of new things from tubing to fire-breathing to bare-back horse riding, enjoy the weather, become more confident (a by-product of having to dance on stage in front of 200 campers for such a long time) and create many memories, which I’m sure you will hear all about!

It’s important to remember this is not a holiday, and was in fact a job, albeit a very fun one! It is best suited for chilled people who can laugh with hindsight at how their sleep-deprived self was awoken by a camper at crazy hours of the night asking to be taken to the toilet, or how they had to swim through a swimming pool looking for poo! The nature of the work and working with children however, only adds in another factor of the experience, which is that you feel worthwhile and it is rewarding!

At Long Point Camp where I worked, there was a mix of Americans and internationals working, both groups seemed to have a fantastic time. The process is clearly more difficult for internationals but is made easier by agencies such as Camp America and CCUSA, which will help arrange the opportunity to work at a Summer Camp for a very reasonable fee. I went through Camp America and would highly recommend them!

That’s enough from me for now about camp, but be assured, more will follow!


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