Off to Tignes!

The email suddenly pops into my inbox. Its subject heading simply reads ‘further information’. Instinct quickly drags the mouse over to it, eyes immediately scanning the page. And there it is…My home for the next 5 months. My office. My playground.



I hadn’t been too fussed where I was going; I’m absolutely convinced anywhere I was placed would offer great skiing and an all-round awesome experience but, nestled in the French Alps, close to the Italian Border, Tignes is widely regarded as hosting some of the best Alpine skiing and snowboarding, and is reputed to be an incredible area, and I clearly couldn’t be disappointed with that! My village, Tignes le Lac lies high in the mountains at 2100m, above the tree line and consequently offers stunning views of the nearby mountain peaks which tower above, beckoning for their steep snow-laden slopes to be played upon – I’m only too eager to oblige!

Hearing where I’ll be staying has been the kick my excitement needed. It has been 6 weeks since I got offered a job in a ski resort, and my initial excitement had been waning having reached unsustainable peaks, and having not known where I’d be going, or even when, it still seemed a mere intangible dream.

But, since hearing I’ll be staying in Tignes a couple of days ago, many hours have been whiled away scouring and trawling the web, and it feels closer than ever and with a leaving date of the 27th November looming large, it’s safe to say stoke levels are through the roof! There’s so much I’ve seen in the area I can’t wait to experience, but I won’t talk about that now – I’ll save a blog post for that once I’m out there and giving it all a go! Yeaah buddy!



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