University 2011-2014

You may question whether University is an adventure. I’d say it definitely was. When I went to University, everything about my life changed and was new! The things I did, where I lived, who I spent time with, even the food I ate (definitely the food I ate… Hello Pasta!).

I ended up in Aberystwyth thanks to a blip in my geographical knowledge. 7 hours into the drive there, I realised it was not just a couple of hours from home as I had expected. The first couple of weeks were a crash course in independence; in fact, by the end of the first month, I’d even managed to wash my clothes without shrinking a single item! Score! I changed dramatically over the first few weeks, and became a more confident, more chilled and much happier guy!


One of my favourite things about University was that when you bring so many people of the same age together, you’re going to meet very like-minded people. I made some adventurous friends, and suddenly I’d find myself invited to go mountain biking, rock-climbing or skiing, or to do more obscure things like spear-fishing, gorge walking, or fire archery! Such influences really helped me realise who person I am and encouraged me to be myself.


There’s a saying about University, which is that it’s working 22 hours a day, 7 days a week… for two weeks of the year. My approach wasn’t to cram, and I went to my lectures, and got the work done, but I still found myself with an absolute tonne of time to get up to all sorts of antics, have some wild experiences, and make some really close friends. It really was the most incredible adventure.


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