O, Canada 2010

“I’m restless. Things are calling me away. My hair is being pulled by the stars again.” Anais Nin


I have no doubts, it is on this trip in 2010 I was bitten by the travel bug. I fear the effects are terminal, the symptoms chronic. Ever since this trip, the world has been an inviting place, calling out to me to visit.


It’s strange, and entirely unfathomable to me now, but for some reason, I was pretty unenthused for Canada before we left. Without realising, my life had become stuck in a rut, a routine of school and computer games, but at the age of 17, a big 4 week trip to Canada was just the sort of eye-opening, inspirational, *insert clichés here*, kick up the bum I needed to realise how worthwhile travel was, and how exciting life could be when you lived it fully! The entire trip was exhilarating, and has continued to affect my life today, which since 2010 has been geared around travelling, and experiencing life as fully as possible!


Below are some pictures of the trip.


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