Learning to shoot in Paris

Shooting, as in, photography. I thought it was simple. For years, a simple point and shoot camera has accompanied me on my travels and adventures, and has served me well, capturing that moment whether of a certain place, person or experience. I love the ability to photos in that respect to bring back memories so they can be lived again and to enhance story-telling.


I’ve now got a DSLR which should help (potentially, maybe) produce better pictures however it is clear, simple may not be the best word to describe it. I expected to suddenly be able to snap up awesome looking shots, but that is not the case, and I had underestimated the skill involved in photography.


A convenient trip to Paris followed getting the camera and my new-found understanding of some terms (exposure, aperture, depth-of-focus etc.), along with trial and error and some luck helped capture the following photos.



There’s a lot of room for improvement (if I can develop a creative/artistic eye) but I’m pretty happy with them for now. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Beautiful shots! Paris is the best place for inspiration shoot

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