It’s not about the bike!

When I tell people I’m planning on cycling across the world, they could be forgiven for assuming I’m a raging cycling fanatic. Well, I’m not. Just the other day, I had difficulty fixing a puncture – that bodes well, eh? The journey I’ve planned, it’s not about the cycling.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love cycling – it’s freedom, it’s the ability to travel with ease, it’s seeing the landscape at a perfect speed, slightly faster than walking but slower than a car, it’s physically challenging your body and enjoying the achievement of doing that, it’s travelling cheaply, it’s the thrill of blasting it on the downhills!

But, the cycling tour, is, at its heart… an adventure. It is adventure and travel that I am most excited about! It IS about the people I’ll meet along the way, the places I’ll see, the wrong turns I’ll take, the foods I’ll taste, the experiences and stories made and shared.

Cycling is a convenient and exciting way of doing that!

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