I’m working at a Ski Resort!

When I first went skiing two years ago, I realised I absolutely loved it. Maybe more than anything. And that it was something I knew I would want to do every year, forever. Many readers may not be aware of the challenges this poses; skiing is a very inaccessible sport, and often requires quite a financial commitment. Therefore, what with my bike ride, I thought unfortunately, I wouldn’t have the funds available to go this year. Luckily I found someone who would pay me to go… Okay, okay… so they’re paying me to work in the kitchens and as night security at a resort in France, Italy or Austria, but that still means I’ll be getting out on the slopes this season.

I’m excited to work as a ‘Kitchen Porter/Night Security’ as it will be such a new experience for me, in a very new line of work, it will mean I’m working as part of a big team in a new and exciting place in the Alps. Also, the job is great for allowing slope-time, particularly as every other week will be night shifts, which allows plenty of skiing in the daytime – Sleep is for the weak!

I can’t even find the words to describe my excitement (not a great trait in a writer, huh), as you can probably tell from the unimaginative title for this blog post and the rushed, energised writing!

One result of getting this job is that it means that the 7 months following America, which were once blank on the calendar right up until April when I plan to leave for my cycle ride, are busy! That’s an exciting thought, but it does mean I only have from now, until November to plan for my cycle as I will hopefully leave within a few weeks of arriving home after the season. The next few weeks are going to be action packed, particularly as I’m planning to visit friends and family around the UK as well!

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