Hanging up my ski boots (for the season)

Since my first run of the season, excitedly letting off a whole year’s pent up ‘ski-frustration’ down a gentle, undulating piste on an unseasonably warm December day, I’ve donned my ski boots and headed up the mountain every day. Well, every day except Christmas Day, where working a 9 course meal for guests brought my skiing plans to an abrupt halt. My 96 days of skiing this season equates to 16 years for the average British family who only manages to get out for one week a year. It’s been awesome, and everyday I’ve got out of bed/finished work just as excited to get out there and ski as the very first time. The closest thing I can describe it to is an addiction; within an hour of taking my skis off for the day, there’s a strong urge to get out there again. But, and it’s with a heavy hand that I write this, taking my ski boots off today marked the final time of the season.

I had grand dreams of coming out and not only having some fun skiing, but also learning to snowboard. So far I’ve had just the one attempt snowboarding, and it’s definitely safe to say I haven’t mastered it yet! That’s why, for the remaining 6 weeks of the season, I’ll be turning over to ‘the dark side,’ swapping my sticks for a tray! I hope this isn’t where I lose the proportion of my readers who ski!

It’s a sad farewell to skiing, which I’ll miss, but my ‘jack of all trades’ nature compels me to experience this strange, alien method of coming down steep mountain terrain… sideways…. And with your feet bound together… and with nothing for your arms to use to balance! I’m really excited to be a beginner again, and to try something new!

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  1. I’m amazed the average British family can afford a weeks skiing! I’m not usually wishing myself average. X

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