Everest in a Week: The Challenge!


Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while (probably only Mum and Dad), and have a good memory (just my Mum then), will remember that during my second year of Uni, I tallied up how many times I walked up the hill to campus, whether for lectures or various other reasons. Over the course of the (short) 30-week Uni year, I managed to climb it 132 times, a total height of 29,032 feet, which just so happens to be the same height as Mount Everest.

I’ve got a slightly geeky interest in stats and figures. Being on a ski season, I’d like to revisit Everest. No, I’m obviously not jetting off to Nepal – I’m revisiting Everest in a more figurative sense – I’m going to count every piste I ski down over the next week, and calculate my total altitude descent over the 7 days; hopefully I’ll be able to surpass that 29,032 foot milestone.

Check back in a week to see how I got on with this mini-challenge!

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  2. Cheeky – I do remember.

    Good luck.

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