Yesterday I was mid-way through revision, taking a lunch break, watching a documentary on base jumping, when halfway through a voice came on that I recognised. A face came up that I recognised. A name came up which matched that face and voice, and showed this individual to be a ‘world base-jumping champion’.

This flash-back took me back to a night in a bar just before Christmas, after a day skiing in Wengen. Then it hit me. This ‘world base-jumping champion’, Chris ‘Douggs’ McDouggal was the bartender who served me and who we spoke to.

He had mentioned that he had done a little base jumping and told some pretty interesting stories, but didn’t share the extent he had pursued this, racking up some 2,000 base jumps, and 7,000 skydives, and competing in the world championships. This sort of attitude humbled me: not boastful, just trying to live his life as he pleases, having as much fun along the way as he can.

Check out his website and youtube channel, and you’ll soon realise that his passion for life is infectious.

Until next time, seeya!

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