Cycling the world without training?

This is the first post in my series overcoming the hurdles facing me in cycling the world.

Some people have told me I should probably do some training before I cycle around the world. It is indeed a big world I’m trying to traverse, but I won’t be training intensively or specifically before the cycle? Why not?

Well, first, I don’t think it will be hugely beneficial – There’s no time limit to cycle around the world – It’s not a race – If it takes a while to get started and my mileage is lower at the start, that’s not the end of the world (pardon the pun, it’s still thousands of miles until the end of the world)! Also, I have a fairly good level of fitness now, and live a very active lifestyle, and within several months or so of being on the road and cycling every day (I guess/hope) I’ll have reached a high level of fitness, similar to what training could achieve.

Secondly, let’s face it – I’m probably going to be spending quite a bit of time cycling, and by the end, may even be looking forward to spending some time off the bike! It seems silly to add to that with training. This ties in with my post that it’s “not about the cycling.” I’m most looking forward to the adventure and meeting the people and the places – and that is something that going faster for the first month or so will not help much.

I’m not saying I’m not going to cycle before – After all, I really enjoy cycling, and that’s why I am planning the cycle but, for the above reasons, I will not do vastly cycling than I would normally.

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