First-time Freediving

Always keen to try my hand at something new, when offered the chance to practice free-diving, I snapped at it yesterday morning. The weather was less than ideal with the heavy overcast skies threatening rain, and the wind had a cold chill but, knowing how much I would regret missing out, I went to the […]

The curse of social media

There’s a good chance you’ve already seen this video if you’re on social media as it’s been circulating around recently. If you haven’t, it’s well worth a watch. It raises a really important issue; social media is having a negative effect on many of our lives. We are missing out! We see that social media […]

A Revision Recharge!

I have been incredibly bogged down with revision recently, and the list of things I’d rather be doing is ever-growing, particularly as the weather improves, and it gets closer to my final set of exams. This bank holiday weekend I just had to take a break to recharge as I’m a firm believer breaks are […]

Learning to shoot in Paris

Shooting, as in, photography. I thought it was simple. For years, a simple point and shoot camera has accompanied me on my travels and adventures, and has served me well, capturing that moment whether of a certain place, person or experience. I love the ability to photos in that respect to bring back memories so […]

Learning to slackline

You may have seen my po st introducing slacklining. (If you haven’t, you can check it out here.) You may have decided it is something you’d like to try and learn. Well, this post could help you! Before I start, I’m very cautious of posting this for two reasons; Firstly, I’m currently very much a beginner […]