7 reactions you get when you tell people you’re cycling around the world!

1) “Y’know there’s water?”, “there’s blue on my map between England and Australia”, “Are you going to cycle across the ocean”. Yep, suddenly everyone’s a side-splittingly funny geographic comedian! My personal favourite is when people query whether I’m just going to cycle laps of the boat, or, even around the airplane! In case you’re wondering… […]

Which charity am I cycling for?

I’ve heard it a lot. In fact it’s one of the questions I’m asked the most, perhaps only after ‘why,’ and ‘Y’know there’s sea between there? How are you getting across that?’ With so many fundraising expeditions and trips nowadays, ‘which charity are you raising money for’ is a pretty valid question. But the answer, […]

“Screw purity. Do it your own way”

When I first conceived the idea of cycling to Australia I told everyone my plans (except my Grandparents – no need to scare them quite yet!) and put it on Facebook and this blog. This was an important step, instilling a sense of commitment to this undertaking, and suddenly providing friends and family who could […]

What electronics will I be taking?

We love technology don’t we? Can’t get enough of it! It promises to make our lives easier in virtually every aspect, right? Well, that’s probably because most of us don’t need to carry it (and a different charger for every gadget) every mile we travel, and we don’t need to work out how the heck […]

It all suddenly feels very real!

Oh maaaan! My mad, crazy dream to cycle to Australia suddenly feels very real! Don’t get me wrong, it is still a mad and crazy dream, but whereas for the past couple of years it has been a wild notion, confined merely to my head, it is now a living, breathing ambition, with substance, and […]

Cycling the world without training?

This is the first post in my series overcoming the hurdles facing me in cycling the world. Some people have told me I should probably do some training before I cycle around the world. It is indeed a big world I’m trying to traverse, but I won’t be training intensively or specifically before the cycle? […]

It’s not about the bike!

When I tell people I’m planning on cycling across the world, they could be forgiven for assuming I’m a raging cycling fanatic. Well, I’m not. Just the other day, I had difficulty fixing a puncture – that bodes well, eh? The journey I’ve planned, it’s not about the cycling. Don’t get me wrong, I do […]

The hurdles in the way

In my last post I explained that in Spring 2015, I will be heading for Australia by bike. The thought of doing this is really pretty terrifying, but also incredibly exciting. When faced with a big challenge, I find it best to list everything stopping you achieving that, and then work on overcoming those ‘micro-challenges’. […]

Heading East on a Bike

So, I’m in my final year of University, which means many questions are asked as to what everyone is doing next year. This is a perfectly reasonable question. Every time I’ve been asked I’ve nearly always responded with a ‘fluffy’ answer like, “Oh, I want to travel”, or “I have no real plans”. Both answers […]