Hiking in Slovenia – In photos!

Lake Bled hiking adventure

If you missed my last special video post on reaching Slovenia, and my Dad and Brother, be sure to watch it here for an epic tale of bad organisation, success against all odds and a few man tears!   I’m afraid I ran out of time to write much about my week hiking in Slovenia. […]

Bonus Video Post – Crossing the Austrian Alps!

After enjoying two weeks in North Austria on a sustainable farm, and spending a relaxing two days exploring Salzburg while couch-surfing (with two naturists – that’s another incredible story!), I was feeling fairly confident about making Slovenia in 4 days and meeting my Dad on time for a week’s hiking. While speaking to Mum, it […]

Slowing life down – a workaway in Austria

Resting on my workaway in Austria

A workaway in Austria Sorry folks, if you’re hoping to read about the usual tales of daring bravery and adventure you have come to expect (pah, who am I trying to kid!), you’re not going to find it in this post. This is all about slowing life down as I ‘workaway’ in Austria.   Miles […]

Why I’ll definitely be couchsurfing again!

This blog post is about couch-surfing; a worldwide community of travellers keen to meet-up, even willing to open the doors of their house for strangers to stay over. To find out more, click here.  After my first (very brief) experience couch-surfing during University, in which I met a guy in a pub who, it later […]

Crossing Germany on a bike!

Excitement at reaching country number 4! Wow! I can’t believe that I’ve been on the road for one month now – crazy! The time since my last blog post has been spent in Germany, a country I was really excited about for two reasons. Firstly, because it was the first new country of my trip […]

Goodbye Russell – cycling solo

The end of this week (since my last post) was always going to be tough. “It’s not too late to stay until Australia”, I would often joke to Russell, my travelling companion. He was insistent though… apparently, he had to get back to something called a ‘job’. Having been there from the start, I felt […]

Nearing the end of France!

Since my last update, Russell and I have continued to make steady progress through France (and even in the right direction). We’ve found our way through France’s second largest forest (and it is huge), we’ve climbed a few big hills (and deliberated on when a hill becomes a mountain), we’ve navigated our way into Besançon […]

A life on the road – North France

By the time it came to leave for my cycle on Sunday, the huge turnout of friends and family to my party the night before had made it rather more difficult to leave. I’m not talking about the huge lack of sleep, although that was certainly a factor. But, what incredible people I was leaving […]