Bike touring adventure in Montenegro!

Bike touring adventure in Montenegro

Bike touring adventure in Montenegro

My geography has always been okay, but just a few months ago, I couldn't have told you where Montenegro was on the map. I wasn't even entirely convinced whether it was a country or not!

Here's my story about cycling across it! 


Kravicka Waterfalls in BosniaBosnia had two final surprises for me before left.

Kravicka Waterfalls in Bosnia.

The first was nice. An afternoon and night at the amazing Kravicka Waterfalls.

Bike touring adventure in MontenegroThe second, less nice; one final unexpected climb...

Bike touring adventure in Montenegro meant steep mountains.

Which seemed to go on forever!

Bike touring adventure at top of mountain pass in Montenegro.

I was rewarded at the top though! Great views,

Bike touring adventure in Montenegro at the top of a mountain pass.

a dizzyingly high lunch spot,

Cycling across the border into Montenegro.


and country number 9!

Meeting people cycling across the border into Montenegro.I made some new friends at the border, who couldn't believe I'd made it to the top! 

Sleeping in ruined buildings in MontenegroRain and thunder was forecast so I found a derelict house from the war to sleep in.

Sleeping in ruined and derelict building in MontenegroWere I an estate agent, I would tell you of how well ventilated it is, and the wonders a lick of fresh paint could do!

Bike touring adventure looking over Niksic in Montenegro.People often ask how I go to the toilet. PWAV's (pees with a view) are a perk of the lifestyle.

Bike touring adventure in the steep but beautiful mountains of Montenegro.

Most days started with a climb.

Bike touring adventure in steep but beautiful mountains of Montenegro. In fact, I quickly learnt Montenegro is never flat!

Bike touring adventure in steep but beautiful mountains of Montenegro.But I enjoyed stunning views...

Old farmers huts on mountain plateau of Montenegro.

and glimpses into another way of life.

Bike touring adventure in Montenegro seeing a different way of life.

and even got used to the idea of farmers walking their cows and goats down a main road.

Camping wild was an adventure in Montenegro.

The rain continued at night so, still lacking a tent, I got quite ingenious at staying dry.

Camping wild was an adventure in Montenegro.And still managed to sleep in some great locations!

A bike touring adventure on the steep mountain roads of Montenegro.Eventually what comes up, must come down, and I cashed in some of my height.

Bike touring adventure beside Tara Canyon in Montenegro.

And dropped into what Montenegro's Tourism Board calls Europe's Grand Canyon...

Bike touring adventure beside Tara Canyon in Montenegro.

I'd probably have to agree with them though!

Bike touring adventure through exciting tunnels in the mountains of Montenegro.The road clung onto the edge somehow.

Bike touring beside Tara Canyon.And cut above the gorge!

Meeting friendly locals and eating food from Montenegro.

I continued to meet very friendly people. This roadside chef made me try all his delicious food before sending me off with a sandwich.

Meeting locals and trying new foods in Montenegro.These are the faces I feel privileged to have met, and which will define the journey.

 Meeting friendly locals in Montenegro on my bike touring adventure.


I was then invited into the house of the Kurtagic family for two nights who taught me the definition of amazing hospitality. 

Crossing the border into Serbia on my bike touring adventure.

 Unfortunately Montenegro is a small country and my time there was over too quickly. I was happy to reach country number 10 (Serbia) however!

Crossing the border into Kosovo on my bike touring adventure.

Even though it was only one hour later that I entered Kosovo (number 11)!












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5 Replies to “Bike touring adventure in Montenegro!”

  1. Margaret Taylor says: Reply

    Jo thank you for all the photos – they are great, showing superb views and how much energy you must have mustered getting up all those hills! What lovely people you meet and what hospitality! Discovering the goodness of humanity.
    Bill and I continue to enjoy reading and following your trip. Take care.

    1. Hi Margaret,
      I’m so encouraged to know you’re enjoying the blog, and yes, the hospitality has been the real take home. I had a crazy, absurd 8 night streak of staying in the homes of strangers. A message so neglected by media!

      P.s. The hills haven’t stopped… Groan!

  2. Hi Josiah….I’m loving your blog. I feel I’m being gently eased out of too small, too restrictive a world view. I repeat my impression that you have a real talent for succinct communication, & photography. It’s true that every picture tells a story. I guess you could make a tour of Britain irresistible…you might offer yourself to the Tourist Board of any country’s?

    Hope to meet you at Sylvia’s sometime…I’d like to donate some pocket money to your expenses. X. Sheila ( Upton)

    1. Hi Sheila,
      That is so reassuring to hear! I do want to get that really important message across, which is one sorely neglected by mass media. I have encountered nothing but great people for close to 3 months, and there are so many other tales I haven’t included in the blog!

      A donation would be really very kind, and definitely help out a lot! Grandma knows how to donate through my website on ‘the big pedal’ page, but I will be in Upton at some point and look forward to meeting you then!

  3. Sylvia youngs says: Reply

    Dear. Jo. Thank you for another interesting post and another step of our journey with you amazing photos so very proud of you the stories will be awesome when we get to hear them first hand And the amazing people you have met stay safe. Love you. G/ma G/pa xxxx

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