Approaching the end of an era

As of today, there is less than a month left of my university career. In other words, I will soon no longer be able to call myself a ‘student’ but instead ‘unemployed’ – my brother, soon to start university, is only too happy to remind me this. Frequently. Instead, I like to tell him I am retiring from my service as a scholar (who am I kidding?)


But, regardless, of what form it is labelled, the effect is the same; my student days are numbered; 29 to be precise. I cannot comprehend how quickly the past 3 years have gone by, but I am quick to emphasise that they have been the most incredible of my life to date. I can still remember the excitement of heading to University for the first time unable to envisage life three years in the future, meeting friends, my first lecture, my first cooking attempt (and so many other firsts and great things). In fact, university as a whole has been a truly memorable time, and I’m sad to be leaving such a great period of my life behind, but I know the experiences I’ve had and the fantastic people I’ve met, and can now call friends have massively impacted my life and made it truly memorable. The abundance of these memories makes me wonder: Am I truly leaving this part of my life behind, or will it continue to enrich my future? I’m not sure, but what I do know is that it has been life-changing, and while I am incapable of finding the words to convey how life-changing it has been, that is a challenge I will set myself in a future blog post. (Spoiler: it’s more than I ever expected!)


Having said all this, it’s an exciting time. I am soon to be as free as I have ever been with very few commitments, and a choice. A choice about how to live my life. A choice I intend to make pursuing happiness and living as fully as possible.


While the light at the end of the tunnel that is 18 years of the education system is closing in, the result will not be unemployment. Nor will it be retirement. Instead, learning continues in the ‘University of Life’, where life experiences and situations develop our understanding of the world around us.


It is by looking to the future and the excitement contained in it, that acceptance about moving on from the past becomes easier. But, before that even needs to happen, it’s important to remain in the present. I’m signing out, off to go and enjoy, as thoroughly as ever, the last 29 days of being a student. How awesome!



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  2. Maybe you should do some more scholarly activities, to let the fun continue. “Dr Skeats” does have a ring to it…

    1. Hah, Thanks! I appreciate that Dr Skeats has a ring, but the world is calling! Besides, pretty sure you’re only interested in me staying for kayaking fun times!

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