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If you’ve ever dreamt of that big adventure and want to make it happen, or just enjoy reading about it from your armchair, I’m writing this blog for you. I hope to inspire and help you live more adventurously, and teach you more about the world from the unique perspective of my saddle.

The simple decision to fill my life with adventure has made it far more exciting and memorable than I imagined possible. One day at University, when I should have been working, I read about someone that had cycled around the world. WOW! Surely that wasn’t possible, was it?! I thought. And then, despite the many obstacles in my way, I began wondering why I couldn’t do that too. Within 10 minutes I had promised myself that one day I was gonna cycle around the world too. That moment changed my life.

Since then I’ve worked on summer camps and horse ranches in America, and a ski resort in France. I’ve tackled terrifying white water kayaking in France, and backpacked in Scotland.

And now, somehow, I’m actually cycling around the world (Pah! – I wonder if saying that will ever stop sounding crazy!). So far I’ve cycled across Europe and halfway across Asia... and there’s still a long road ahead! Everyday is exciting - even when it doesn’t feel like it - filled with amazing people, incredible places, and memorable experiences, and makes me stoked to be alive.

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Climbing up a mountain in Turkey while bike touring.

Adventure changed my life, and it can do the same for you!

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