A sunny Tryfan


Not the highest mountain in Britain, standing at only 918 metres, but, Tryfan has however been identified as the hillwalker’s top British peak in a survey by Trail magazine.

I hiked it with some mates and my dad on a rare sunny day, with clear views through the valleys, over neighboring peaks and all the way to the sea.

The hike was a great steep scramble over huge boulders, with evidence of previous glacial activity wherever you looked.


If you feel up to it, you can jump from Adam to Eve, two boulder outcrops which stand alone on the top of Tryfan. It’s not a huge jump, but you certainly wouldn’t want to miss your landing!

Be sure to check out (stand/jump/handstand on) the ‘Cantilever Stone’, which appears precariously balanced, by extending your hike to incorporate the nearby peak of Glyder Fach. 

Enjoying the view on the top with Dad.

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  1. Thanks Jo. A great day.

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