Travel Tale: The time we ran the bases!




Arriving in America, the home of baseball for the first time last year, seeing a baseball game was high on the ‘to do’ list. 8 others apparently agreed, and we went to see the mighty Syracuse Chiefs. Being British, and not understanding the intricacies of what is, essentially glorified rounders, we celebrated every run, pitch, hit, catch, strike… basically everything. Our incessant chanting and cheering in the quiet stadium made quite the impact, the highlight being when mid-innings, one of the players we’d randomly cheered for throughout, sent 9 signed baseballs to us.

2013 with Chris Rahl and our 9 signed balls!

This year, the story was much the same… except there were 30 of us! 



I would love to be able to accurately give an account of what happened over the course of those two evenings and 3 matches but I know now before I even start writing, I could not do it justice – the words would simply fail me. Instead, I just want to share one thing which was perhaps the highlight for me. There’s a lot of great experiences to choose from; It’s not the time the Chiefs cancelled their halftime show to create a slot for us to go on the pitch and lead the stadium in half-time chants and throw out free T-shirts (but that was close), nor is it the times we were on the news, or on the jumbo-tron. It’s not even when the General Manager said it was the best atmosphere he’d seen and offered us free tickets.


Instead, it’s the time we got invited to run a home run around the pitch! Here’s the video (which I accidentally forgot to put in my summer highlights video – whoops!), which brings back such a sweet memory! It’s pretty shaky and noisy, but you get the picture!




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  1. Always a highlight when I get your blog through 🙂 you guys are bonkers 😉

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    1. Two exciting things!
      1) I didn’t even know you followed my blog – eee 🙂
      2) You have your own blog! Awesome!!

      Glad you liked it 🙂

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