7 reactions you get when you tell people you’re cycling around the world!

1) “Y’know there’s water?”, “there’s blue on my map between England and Australia”, “Are you going to cycle across the ocean”. Yep, suddenly everyone’s a side-splittingly funny geographic comedian! My personal favourite is when people query whether I’m just going to cycle laps of the boat, or, even around the airplane! In case you’re wondering… Nope, afraid not!

2) For some people the biggest question is “why, why, why?” I can understand it completely – Believe me, it’s a question I’ve asked myself a thousand times, and ultimately, the only answer I’ve found is cliché but… why not? I could write a long list of reasons to get on the bike and go, but can’t think of any not to!

3) “I’d love to do that, but…” This is the most common response and the one I find hardest to answer. Such an adventure is so much more accessible than people think, and if people really were keen to do it, the ‘reasons’ that people had, would quickly be seen to actually be ‘excuses’. I had similar obstacles to overcome, but everything from money to fitness to not wanting to leave a goldfish behind can quickly be resolved once they are properly seen as mere hurdles in the way.

4) “OMG bwirlgvawklsbk, that’s awesome!” Some people seem to get right on board with the whole concept from the off, and fire many questions, intrigued and curious about what I will experience, and how it is going to be done!

5) “You’re crazy!” – Yep, can’t argue with this one, but cycling around the world seems like one of my sanest decisions yet!

6) Sometimes there is a ‘glass half empty’ response that it is all gonna be doom and gloom and one huge failure! I can’t say too much about this as… well, they may be right. But let’s hope not eh?! All I will say is that I’ve written down some of my favourite pessimistic comments to help spur me on and prove them wrong!

7) Oh wow! That’s amazing and impressive. I/my company would like to sponsor your trip for you! (Okay, so I may have lied about this one – no-one has said this so far, but that just means you can be the first!)



If you’re going on a similar trip, have you experienced these reactions? Have you received any others? Let me know in the comments below!

3 Replies to “7 reactions you get when you tell people you’re cycling around the world!”

  1. #7 is my personal favorite, too. Haha. These are really great and completely spot on!

  2. That’s exactly that!
    Haha, sponsorship! 😁

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