Camp 2014!!


So I got back in from an afternoon’s kayaking to discover that I had been accepted to work at camp again this summer.

I’d made the decision to reapply, and even been asked by Long Point Camp to do so, so it came as no surprise. While I wasn’t speechless, or find myself jumping around the room (like last year.. ha!), I was still pretty flippin’ happy to get to spend another 3 months+ in the USA! I’ve shared a regrettably small collection of adventures from camp here, but I can’t wait for all the new antics to be had this year!

I was amazed how simple it was to reapply through Camp America. It was pretty easy the first time, but no problems whatsoever the second! All my information was already uploaded, which meant I just had to confirm I was keen again, and pay my £69 deposit. Simples. I’ve got a few more bits and bobs to do again; getting a medical form, getting a police check, etcetera, but nothing too challenging.

There are also reduced costs, as I don’t need to travel to be interviewed, or to visit London to get my visa, and my camp has offered an increased wage, making it even more worthwhile returning!

This process is obviously partly simpler by the fact I am returning to the same camp, however I’m sure even if you were switching camp, you would find it stress-free, even in comparison to your first time! It’s not too late, to reapply, or even apply for the first time – so if you’re a student who’s recognised that summer is approaching fast (summer approaching fast in February, something only a student could suggest!), applying to Camp is definitely something you should consider!

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