Hello there!

I hope you enjoyed the festive period and are settling into 2014 nicely. Please let me know any plans you have for this year?

I had a great week skiing in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland just before Christmas. The sun was shining and the skies were blue which made the alps glorious, and the skiing was great even though we were skiing on fairly old snow. I’m pleased to have not been injured as many others in my group were not so lucky: Ross and Will both ended up with a broken bone (collar bone and elbow), David sported two broken bones (a collar bone and a wrist), and Isaac was airlifted with a head injury. All I can boast about is a few bruises and chapped lips! All in all a great trip though, and I am already hoping to hit the slopes again soon!

Following skiing, I came home and it was great to spend fairly relaxed time with the family again. In 2013, I only spent around 7 weeks at home with the family – not too great a record eh? My mum gave me a wetsuit for Christmas – I think maybe she was slightly worried about all the sea swimming I’ve been doing without a wetsuit. Cheers mum! 

I also had a small reunion meeting up with a few friends from Camp in London. We did a few of the touristy attractions and sightseeing that I have never done before (due to living so close). I particularly enjoyed seeing the changing of the guards, hearing Big Ben, going on the London Eye, and ice skating (for the first time) on the banks of the Thames.

And finally, going into 2014, I know it’s going to be an exciting year: one full of a few certainties – graduating from university, turning 21, and returning to camp in America, but also one full of uncertainties, such as what I am going to do after graduating! I am looking forward to seeing how the year develops. Going into 2013, I had very few plans, and didn’t know what the year was going to be like, and it turned into one of the best years of my life. Hopefully 2014 can be even better!

So, until next time, take it easy!

Write in the comments about any resolutions you’ve made and how your Christmas has been.Image

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